Monday, 14 May 2012

changing seasons + a punk rock concert

It's time to put away our winter gear and watch the snow melt.  The mountain peaks are still white around here which makes the green of the valley even more striking.  The grass is glowing like emeralds and flowers, both planted and wild, are shooting up from the ground.

I love spring, there is so much hope and renewal and warmth in the air.  We have had loads of rain the last few weeks, but today the sun is back out and it's gorgeous.  One of the things I love most about spring is the infinite shades of green everywhere you look.

I went for a hike a few days ago, on one of the very few gloriously sunny days we've had. It was hot (28C), but breezy and it was so fantastic to be back out on my feet again.  I always miss walking during the long, cold months of winter.  The mountains are coming alive with wild crocuses, white and purple.  There are also yellow flowers which I have yet to identify (not dandelions, but there are those as well).  It is stunning and inspiring, all around.

Apple blossoms abound and the lilacs are just popping.  Asparagus, both green and white (Euros love the white variety) line the produce shelves at the grocery store.


And the cows, sheep and goats are back outdoors.  After a winter of being cooped up in their barns, they are on the move and once again, the valley is full of the sounds of ringing bells.  

our cow neighbours

our sheep neighbours
On the weekend, there was a music festival in Saanen. Taking place every May, "Rock the Village" is but one marker of Spring around here.  Imagine my delight when I looked at the line-up of bands on this year's poster.  There they were - The Fucks - in all their glory!  I HAD to go....

Thankfully, I was able to convince my friend Diana to join me in my obsession-guided adventure Saturday night (Jeff is in Ontario).  It was freezing and pouring rain and of course, the concert was taking place in a tent at the Saanen Flugplatz (airport).  Our enthusiasm waned throughout the day and early evening.   But, we pumped ourselves up and went, feeling kind of hip and cool, at least while we parked the car and before we entered the tent.  The Fucks are a punk band so there was lots of slam dancing.  We stayed their whole set, took pictures and videos for our kids who were quite mad they weren't allowed to come (16+).  It took me back to the days of being a teenager, going to wild concerts at the Masonic Temple in Toronto, getting drunk and dancing your face off with your friends.  Only this time I was more of an (old) observer.  We even "met the band" afterwards (well, actually just the drummer, but he's the Main Dude).  It turns out that Diana knew his grandfather and knows his father, we were practically groupies.  We went, we saw and yes, we bought the Tshirts to prove it.

the fucks onstage